What is Let Me Google That For You & LTGTFY Trick?

What is Let Me Google That For You & LTGTFY Trick?: Let Me Google That For You is an site which demonstrates google functions only like how to search what on the google search engine. Can you actually believe that??? And still it’s so famous and well known for just this much work. I mean it’s a great idea, there’s no doubt in that, but still man, it is so lame at the same time. Though it’s of utmost help to a very new user of google search engine, or I would say who is using the google for the very first time, but still this one is highly used on daily basis. But I think maybe I’m not able to see its actual use and other people are using it because it is worth it.

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Let Me Google That For You
Let Me Google That For You

What is Let Me Google That For You?

Let Me Google That For You is also known as LMGTFY in short and people actually use on daily basis to share information to the various users of google.

It kind of helps people to search for whatever they are searching for on google on the basis of their need and requirement, by telling them how to search for it on google.

It’s kind of made for easing the work of tech-savvy people, when other people ask them some frequent questions and you have to answer them related to data search, so one can use this website as it is really very helpful for easing such minimal tasks.

Let Me Google That For You
Let Me Google That For You

How Does “Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY)” Work?

How this site works: well, one have to visit the official website of LMGTFY, then, search on the given bar and can even customise the search also according to the need and requirement of the user, then a web link will be generated, one can share the link with the user and help them search their data on google.

It’s a great Idea, I mean who would have thought like that huhh!, still IT people keep amazing us with such amazing developments and innovations which makes the normal day of the people more easy and get them data they are looking for way more easily then required.

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LMGTFY is one example of a single-serving site: a one-page, one-purpose website with a dedicated domain name. The site was created in 2008 by Jim Garvin and Ryan Geary, who have since created spin-off sites including Let Me Snopes That For You and Let Me Wikipedia That For You. And I gotta say, Hats Off to you guys, your mind works way more creative and amazing, than I can ever think of.

I just got to know that people search for Let Me Google That For You on daily basis and it just took my attention, felt of writing and sharing my views and information regarding it with you all. Do like, share, comment below and share your views with us.

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  • November 11, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Good fun website….

    But not much time saving….


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